Corporate Law · International Trade

Prompt yet accurate legal advice is necessary in businesses. We provide our corporate clients with accurate legal advice and assistance, from entity establishment in Korea, contract drafting/reviewing, compliance with Korean laws, regulations and governmental guidelines, to correspondence with local authorities, etc.

Criminal Litigation

We offer a full range of services to defend our clients’ rights from investigation period (the Police and the Prosecutors) to trial period. With vast experience in representing foreign and domestic clients with criminal charges, along with know-hows of a former chief prosecutor, our firm strives to protect the basic rights of our clients.
We also offer victims representation, pressing charges and representing negotiations on their behalf.

Civil  · Administrative Litigation

With 28 years of experience, our firm excels in civil and administrative litigation, actively representing our clients with efficient trial strategies to maximize our clients’ interests.

Data Protection

Korean Data Protection laws and regulations are complex, and disputes arising from personal data-related issues are common. From privacy policies and T&Cs to dispute resolutions, our firm provides our clients with efficient solutions, from our years of experience in this area.

Construction · Real Estate

Our firm has a wide array of experience and know-hows on construction and real estate disputes, maximizing our client’s interests and satisfaction through our expertise in  special laws and regulations.

Corporate Workout · Protection of Creditors

We provide a wide array of consultation on Corporate Workout procedure. We specialize in representing creditors through workout procedures to actively protect creditors’ rights and interests.


We advise on structuring wills and distribution of assets for effective tax-saving. We also provide One-Stop service to take care of all necessary procedures on client’s behalf.

Intellectual Property

IP is one of our firms’ specialties. We have numerous successes from representing clients on patents, design rights, copyrights and trademarks related disputes, both domestic and international.

Franchise · Fair Trade

Our firm represent our client’s to protect their interests in Korean Fair Trade Commission-related transactions and disputes, from negotiation, arbitration and mediation to litigation.